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Need more? These UK title are also available:

CCH Tax Cases, 1883 onwards
Commercial Law Cases, 1991 onwards
English Reports, 1220-1873
Immigration Appeal Reports, 1972 onwards
Inquest Law Reports, 2003 onwards
Mental Health Law Reports, 1999 onwards
Scottish Session Cases, 1873 onwards
Scottish Session Cases Archive, 1817 – 1873
State Trials, 1163 – 1858
The Times Law Reports, 1990 onwards

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Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore case law now available in a new collection

Southeast Asian case law is the latest addition to vLex Justis’ intelligent legal research solution. Sign-up for a free trial and receive first access to this new collection, which will enable you to:

This trial includes the new Southeast Asian content (Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore case law) and UK coverage (The largest collection of UK superior case law available).

Hong Kong Case Law
Court of Final Appeal, from 1997
Court of Appeal, from 1946
Court of First Instance, from 1946
District Court, from 1946
Family Court, from 1973

Malaysia Case Law
Federal Court, from 1992
Court of Appeal, from 1992
High Court in Malaya, from 1992
High Court in Sabah and Sarawak, from 1992
Miscellaneous Courts, from 1992

Singapore Case Law
High Court, from 1991
Court of Appeal, from 1991
District Court, from present
Magistrates Court, from 2001
Juvenile Court, from 2001
Federal Court, from 2001
Constitutional Tribunal, from 2001
Military Court of Appeal, from 2001
Singapore International Commercial Court, from 2001
Court of Appeal (SICC), from 2001
Family Court, from 2001
Youth Court, from 2001
Small Claims Tribunal, from 2001

United Kingdom Case Law and Legislation
Court of Appeal (Civil Division), from 1951
Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), from 1963
High Court, from 1996
House of Lords / Supreme Court, from 1852
Local & Private Acts, from 1797
Privy Council, from 1999
Statutes, from 1235
Statutory Instruments, from 1671

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